Fixed Rate

Fixed Rate Home Equity Loan

A fixed rate Home Equity Loan is perfect when you need a set dollar amount, for example, to make a major purchase or pay off other bills. You repay the loan for a fixed term and consistent payment amount, so there’s no surprise for your budget. Our fixed rates are affordable while helping you save money and keep payments manageable.

Use a fixed rate Home Equity Loan for a variety of needs – home improvements, a second vacation home, college tuition, or as a debt consolidation tool.


  • Affordable fixed rates
  • No annual fee or prepayment penalties
  • Potential tax savings on the interest you pay*
  • Consistent monthly payments
  • Convenient payment options

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At Apollo Trust, we’ll help you determine the best option for you.  If you have an equity loan or line with another lender, check with us for an easy refinancing solution.

*Consult your tax advisor regarding the tax-deductibility of your interest.

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