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CD Rates

*A 7 month Certificate of Deposit (CD) promotion is offered with a 5.00% Annual Percentage Yield (APY) and 4.89% interest rate.   A 12 month CD promotion is offered with a 4.85% APY and 4.76% interest rate.  APY and interest rates are accurate as of 4/1/2024.  The CD will automatically renew into the applicable CD term with the interest rate offered at the time of maturity.  Call for current interest rates at time of maturity.  The minimum amount required to open the 7 month CD is $2,500 and to open the 12 month CD is $500.  The maximum deposit for both terms is $500,000.   At least 50% of the money deposited to open the promotional account must be new money.  New money is defined as money that has not been on deposit in any Apollo Trust Company account in the last 30 days.  The minimum balance required to obtain the APY is $0.01.

Interest on the 7 month CD will be compounded and credited monthly.  Interest on the 12 month CD will be compounded and credited quarterly.  The APY assumes interest remains on deposit until maturity, and any withdrawals of interest will reduce earnings.  Fees may reduce earnings on the account. Penalty for early withdrawal may apply.  The account is FDIC insured up to the maximum allowable limit.  For more information about FDIC insurance limits please visit  This offer is not available for renewals or institutional investors.  Offer is valid for a limited time only and is subject to change or withdrawal at any time.  Contact your local Apollo Trust branch or call us at 724.478.3151 for additional details and current rates.