Chip Technology with Contactless Payment

Apollo Trust is dedicated to the security of our customers. We are excited that our debit cards are chip-enabled and have a contactless payment feature.  Chip-enabled card technology adds an extra layer of security to card transactions that better protects you against counterfeit fraud when the card is used at a chip-enabled terminal.  Chip-enabled cards generate a unique, one-time code that is needed for each transaction to be approved.

You can insert, “tap” or swipe your card!

  1. Insert your card at any chip-enabled terminal face up and leave it inserted until the transaction is processed.
  2. “Tap” your card at any chip-enabled terminal where the contactless logo is displayed.* To activate this feature, you need to make a purchase by inserting your card at a chip-enabled terminal first.
  3. Swipe your card at any terminal that is not chip-enabled.

Questions? Call us at 724.478.3151, Option 3.

*If you have other contactless cards in your wallet, remove your new chip-enabled card from your wallet instead of tapping your wallet against the reader.