Risk Advisor with Debit Card Fraud Texting Alerts

Keeping your debit card safe is as easy as sending a text.

Apollo Trust’s Risk Advisor with Debit Card Fraud Texting Alerts* makes sure that using your debit card is always as safe and convenient as possible.

Getting Started:

When you order a debit card and provide us with your cell phone number, you will automatically receive a text message from us with instructions on how to opt in to the program.  If you already have a debit card and would like to opt in to the program, call Customer Service at 724.478.3151.

How The Program Works:

Once opted in, you will receive text alerts as part of our Risk Advisor program. If fraud is a concern on a debit card purchase, you’ll receive an email and text to confirm the transaction. If you respond YES (indicating the transaction is fraudulent), you will receive a phone number to call our Fraud Analyst.  If you respond NO (indicating the transaction is not fraudulent), no further action will be taken.  If you do not respond to the email or text alerts, you will receive a phone call and the transaction will not be approved until we receive confirmation from you.

We’re excited to offer this program to continue honoring our promise of saving our customers time and money.  If you have questions about our Risk Advisor program, call us at 724-478-3151 or visit your local branch.  Apollo Trust works hard to show our customers that we are “A Bank You Can Believe In.” 

*Your regular messaging rates may apply. Cell phone providers may charge additional fees for text messaging.  Text alerts and phone calls are only done between 8AM – 9PM EST.